Presentations and discussions related to glycochemistry, -biochemistry and -biotechnology are welcome, and will be considered in the following sessions:


      A. Synthesis and Combinatorial Chemistry

      B. Structure and Analysis

C. Biochemistry, Biology and Medicinal Chemistry

D. Biotechnology and Industry

Topics such as vaccines, bacterial pathogenicity and immune inflammatory response, development of therapeutic substances, food applications, wood chemistry, paper and fibre biotechnology, environmentally friendly carbohydrate-based materials and natural products, among others are to be included in the above mentioned sessions.


This Symposium will include the CARBOHYDRATE RESEARCH AWARD LECTURE, Plenary Lectures, Invited Lectures and Oral Communications in paralell thematic sessions, and Poster  Presentations. The Scientific Committee will select some Posters for oral presentations. 

Posters  will be displayed during the Meeting and discussed in two Poster Sessions.